About Us


Nekstone industries LLP is stepping towards becoming a global hi-tech manufacturer of premium composite quartz (granite) kitchen sink. We offer wide range of quartz kitchen sink.

With The amalgamation of likeminded visionaries with expertise in various field such as machinery, chemical, and marketing, started a dream project in 2018, to push the envelope on composite quartz capabilities. Society’s fast growing appetite for style and elegance is the encouragement behind every design of Nekstone.

Nekstone product portfolio includes premium composite quartz (granite) kitchen sink available in various colors, size and designs, suitable for application in every elegant kitchen. Manufacturing units are equipped with cutting edge technology and intense automation.

Nekstone has a global and pan-India network. Our valuables assets are the NEKSTONE brand and unparalled, multi-layer distribution network. With a view to take our range of products to distant corners, we have carved out a strong network around the globe.

Nekstone is one of the few players in the industry to have successfully innovate and produce the best quality of composite quartz (granite) kitchen sink with distinct formula to give the sink desired shape and customized colors.

As with quality standards, Nekstone is committed to the core values of nobility, strong ethical practices and responsibility towards customers and the environment.
Nekstone will enter as a global brand and Nekstone will become epicenter of innovations in few years and it is just a beginning.

Our Value

At nekstone, we believe in building future leaders who innovate, are adaptable for market requirements and create success stories.
Our team is the pillar on which our brand will built.

Innovation and creativity

By using state of art technology, we are at the fore front of innovation and have a strong culture of commitment for creating winning results.

People First

Be it our esteemed customers, suppliers, trade partners or our nekstone team, we prioritize them before anything.


The brand trust we create through strong and honest nekstone Values. As our name “nek” urdu meaning means virtuous and honest

Integrity and Ethics

Our commitment to our core values of integrity, fair business practices and ethical standards are unwavering.

Quality and innovation

Nekstone has been benchmarked for its resourcefulness in its products and service. Nekstone adhere to European Testing Standards which has been instrumental in bringing clientele on board across the globe.

Product Quality Certifications

Eros V1 Collection